Heyyyooo! welcome to my blog!  I’m so thanks that in this great big world, you were able to find me here.  My name is Donna and I would like to share my weight loss and health story with you.  It’s not a very long one, but seems like an entire lifetime that has been tightly packed with twists and turns.  My story is very different from nearly every other weight loss & lifestyle blogger you will come across and it all began in 2016.  Out of complete and utter vanity I decided that I was tired of being “skinny fat”.

But don’t get me wrong here.  At the age of 30 I had never struggled with weight issues, never done a traditional diet where calories were restricted, barely ever known my weight because I never owned a scale, never struggled with poor body image, and never had a disordered relationship with food.  Like I said, pretty different than most women in general and a far different background story that other weight loss& health bloggers.  However, four months prior to our Hawaiian departure I decided that I was tired of just being “skinny fat”… you know what that looks like right?  Not skinny, not fat, just kinda ‘blah’ with zero shape or “tone” where I looked decent in clothes but without clothes or in a bikini… well, it wasn’t exactly awesome or anything.  This trip would be different though.  This time I wanted to feel ‘comfortable’ in a bathing suit.  I didn’t want to have to constantly look down at my stomach and see the ‘blah’.

So I decided to jump on the “clean eating” train and also used the Insanity program as my new regular workouts.  I cut out nearly all packaged foods, rarely ate out, and was convinced that eating anything processed would surely equate to an early death for myself.  Yeah, I was that “clean eater”.  My obsession with eating “clean” foods began to quickly get out of hand.  I found myself lecturing friends and family about how this food was bad for you and how that would cause disease.  My “clean” food obsession landed me right smack dab in the middle of a fairly unknown eating disorder called orthorexia.  I was certainly NO fun to be around when food was around or there were any discussions about eating.